Anemos Garden


An ideal playground that combines fun and safety.

Enjoy your coffee, drink or food while your children play in a beautiful fenced area full of toys. Inflatables with soft side walls, seesaws, slides, plastic houses, tables and chairs are available for endless fun. At the same time there is supervision by staff with great experience.


Weddings, christenings, children's parties, corporate events.

Every kind of event will be unforgettable for you and your guests. Organize the most fun children’s party for your child’s birthday. Give your corporate event the prestige it deserves. Flavors and images are uniquely combined to create the most magical atmosphere for weddings and baptisms. In a well-kept environment everyone enjoys hospitality services that make the day special.


Priority in quality and service.

Fine dishes prepared with selected raw materials. Cooked in our place with respect and passion. The menu and the overall image of our restaurant are the result of a lot of dedicated work to satisfy all the delicious quests.

Coffee - Bar

Coffee, drinks, soft drinks.

Enjoy your coffee, drink or soft drink overlooking the endless blue. All hours of the day until late at night. In a friendly and pleasant place, free from the stress of everyday life.