Karteros beach area is a very popular location for locals & tourists alike, especially in summer time.

One of the most beautiful beaches on Crete, where  blue & white waves, wash up golden sand in Karteros shore, is only 50m away from our hotel apartments! The shallow waters make it safe for children and there are lifeguards present at all times.


Karteros can provide huge variety of activities for everyone!

Horse riding Academy!

Nearby one can find a horse riding academy, either for learning horse riding or take tours of the area through the Karteros Gorge and nearby villages. A unique experience that is truly amazing.

Water City!

“Water city” is one of the largest waterparks in Greece and is located only 8.5km away in the village of Anopoli. It is a fun place for children & adults. It facilitates a great variety of waterslides, water games, wave pools e.t.c. A fun and mind-blowing day experience!

Cretan Aquarium!

The Cretan aquarium offers a real view of the Mediterranean Sea, and is the only large aquarium in Greece.

Cretan aquarium presents the most interesting species of the Mediterenian Sea such us Sand Tiger Shark (Eugomphodus Taurus), Cobia (Rachycentrodon Canadum), Sea turtle Caretta Caretta, Red Scorpionfish (Scorpaena Scrofa) among many others.

Surely an educational and fun experience for everyone


Knossos Minoan Palace

Anemos suites is located only 10.5km from Knossos Minoan Place, thus providing an excelllent chance to visit it. Do not miss the chance to see where the Minoan civiliziation flerished and the place that for many is the starting point of the Western Civilaziation as we know it today.

Heraklion Archeological museum

Heraklion Archeological museum is  8Km away in Heraklion town center. It is one of the largest museums in Greece and the best in the world for Minoan art. It contains the most notable and complete collection of artifacts of the Minoan civilization of Crete and was recently renovated.